Private Dog Training

Achieve more alone time for you and your dog!


We will construct a training plan custom made to your specific requirements and wishes to ensure compliance from your dog! We do this by preserving your relationship through cooperation and teamwork, giving your dog a willingness to work with you!
If you feel like you would like you and your dog would benefit from private lessons, we highly recommend contacting one of our certified instructors.
The instructor will construct a custom made training plan for you and your dog. This may include anything from basic obedience, tracking and dog parkour to assistance dog training, behavioral issues and anything in between! All based on your specific needs and wants.

Pricing for booking weekdays after 4pm and weekends:

1 hour – 950kr
1,5 hours – 1100kr
3 hours – 2900kr
5 hours – 2900kr
Pricing weekdays:
1 hour – 750kr
1,5 hours – 950kr
3 hours – 1700kr
5 hours – 2700kr

SWISH – Payment

Once your consultation has been booked, we ask that you pay directly to our SWISH number –  123 390 72 68 – please always remember to write your instructors name as well as your name, phone number and date for the consultation.
If you do not have SWISH please contact your instructor directly.
Cancellations are required to be made no later than 12 hours before booked appointment via email and/or phone to your instructor.
Missed appointments will be debited according to hourly rate.

Please do not hesitate the office for assistance with your booking: